About Tino

​Hi, I am Tino the Little Chair Checker.

Once, I was nothing but a little chair my owner used to sit on the whole day. I must admit that I wasn't the most comfortable ​one and my human often complained about back pain and other problems. One day, I decided that this had to stop. So, I took things into my own hands, ehh arm rests, and searched online for a better chair. I was confused by the big amount of chairs and it was really not easy to find the perfect fit for my master.

However, I was able to find a great chair for him and he thanked me by not throwing me away! No, I now have my own place in his home office from where I can do my research. Being able to help him, motivated me to create a whole website that focuses on chairs for all situations.

Are you a gamer? Or are you sitting in an office the whole day? Are you a boss who needs an executive chair that reflects your status but is also comfortable?

If you answer any of those questions with "yes", you have come to the right place. I am introducing and reviewing only the best chairs and you can be sure that there is the perfect chair waiting for you. However, if you should not be able to find the right chair on ​my site, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will counsel you personally. I will not stop until I have found the perfect fit for you.

And what could be cooler than being in touch with a talking chair?

Thank you for visiting my site.
I hope you enjoy your stay and find what you are looking for.

Tino, the Chair Checker.

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