Best Gaming Chairs for Adults 2020 – Get Your Game On!

By Tino

Sep 26

To immerse yourself in a video game for a few hours or even the whole day with friends is​​​​​ a real pleasure. All the funny moments, all the memories you make, and all the adventures you have with your gaming family are some of the best you’ll ever have. Nothing beats a great day off of gaming, enjoying the thrills and satisfaction of matches you play over and over.

If you’re here, you’re probably ​for the best gaming chairs for adults! After all, playing video games is not fun unless you have a comfortable and appropriate chair in which to do it.

That’s where I come in - I am going to go through some great chairs ​and talk about what to ​be aware of as an adult looking for a good chair​.

Gaming in Comfort and Style

​Before we dive in, you can get a quick overview of the chairs I'm talking about here today. Or, if you are looking for a specific chair already, you can jump right to it:

​All ​chairs on this list are worth your time and money. There are some differences between them in regards of price and features, of course. But you can rest assured that you won't be dissapointed if you pick one of the chairs below.

Let’s get on with it!

Homall Gaming Chair Racing Style

Homall Gaming Chair Racing Style

​I knew this was going to be good when I saw that it was the #1 best seller on Amazon for video game chairs! Plus, a buddy of mine happens to have this chair, and I found it very nice to sit in. I tested it out one day for a few moments while I watched him play BeatSaber on the Oculus.

I felt pretty comfortable sitting there and then played a few rounds of CS: GO while he stepped out to make a phone call and get some food. It was totally fine, and I felt pretty great sitting down for the hour he was gone.

You will notice right off the bat there are plenty of cool colors to choose from. I think the black and white provides a clean and classic look, but some of you guys and gals will enjoy personalizing it and picking your favorite color. The red looks pretty sharp, even if I say so myself.

OK, so let’s discuss the specs of this chair. The material is high-density shaping foam. It really does conform to your body when you sit in it-it’s not like sitting down on a hard bench or anything like that. The frame is that of 1.8 mm steel.

Knowing that something is made out of steel is always a comforting thing, that means it can withstand some serious wear and tear. The frame does feel solid and tough when you see and feel it, too.

The material is great for those of you with sensitive skin. It’s PU leather and easy to clean up with a damp soft cloth in case you spill something on it. Just use a little water or mild cleaning agent to wipe it down and then dry it off.

The chair has a great configuration, too. There is a Class-3 Gas Lift that is durable and able to support up to 300 lbs. The casters are encased in rubber and roll around very quietly. (I’m looking at you, apartment dwellers). The makers of this chair even rolled it for 1000 miles during testing, so it will surely hold up in your gaming room for years.

Now let’s talk dimensions. The back of the chair is sized at 22.5"X30.5"(LXW). The seat comes in at 19.8"X20.5"(LXW). The seat can be adjusted in height from 17.3-21.5 inches.
You can recline the seat anywhere from 90 to 180 degrees. You can use the knob underneath the seat to get the chair to rock, which is great if you like to rock as a means of relaxing yourself or just as a habit.

I also like the fact that this chair comes with a warranty. It’s a great price and this just adds to the quality nature of the item. You get a free exchange for any installation issues you might encounter, any damage or missing parts within a year. If you do not like this chair, you can return it for a refund or replacement within one month of purchase.

Other users also seemed pretty happy with their purchase​. ​You can read through their reviews ​and also check out the current price here.

The lumbar and head support is ​adjustable too and, lastly, the arms fit neatly under a standard desk, so your gaming area can be nice and neat when not in use.

FICMAX Gaming Chair

Ficmax Gaming Chairs Review

With a slick and cool falcon design on the headrest, I was already taken by the awesomeness of this gaming chair. It looks like the kind of chair that commands respect and authority, so if you are a streamer or Youtuber, consider this chair to amp your cool factor up. The color schemes on this chair are amazing. 

If I did not already have a chair, I’d pick the Black/Red/White-colored one. It has a cool company crest on it that kind of reminds me of a soccer team’s logo. Maybe this is the chair for all you FIFA fanboys/fangirls? Either way, take a look, you won’t be disappointed. 

This chair has some cool features built right into it. These features will ensure you have a comfortable and healthy gaming experience. You can tilt, rock or swivel if you prefer. The knob is easy to adjust right to your own needs. 

PU leather always has a nice touch. We saw that featured in our last gaming chair, and this includes it also. This stuff is durable and easy to clean up with just a mild cleaner and a soft cloth. Spill will not be a problem at all when you have this chair. 

The frame is made of metal and can support people weighing up to 300 lbs. There is a class 4 hydraulic piston uses to adjust the height of the chair with ease. The seat cushion is large too, making this a great chair for those of us in the big and tall category. 

Now suppose all your friends came over for a console gaming tournament. Everybody’s ready to battle each other in Super Smash Bros Ultimate and everybody gets settled. Suddenly you realize the seating is limited! Where’s your spot on the couch or recliner? 

No need to worry. Pull out this gaming chair and get to sitting because this has a retractable footrest. Really! You don’t have to worry about missing out on the couch or being comfortable. You can really sit and relax in this chair. 

Get the back to recline and you will be ready for movie​​​​​​​​​​​s, gaming or just relaxing. After all, there is even a USB pow​​​​​ered lumbar massage pillow included with this - yeah you heard me right. A massage pillow?! This is basically a luxury gaming chair!

Much like the previous chair we looked at, this one has a great warranty on it also. There is a 12-month free replacement warranty, plus a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like it. 

Now bear in mind that you will have to put this chair together when you first get it. Thankfully that is pretty easy. It takes only about 20 minutes to put it all together and sit down. One user, for example, found the FICMAX gaming chair ​to be very comfortable even though he was a non-gaming dad. You can read through his review and others here.

Granted, we do not know the measurements of each of these guys, but it’s worth noting that it’s great for teens and adults alike. They did note that the footrest felt “a little flimsy” so bear that in mind as you purchase. 

Altogether, I think the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to this chair. It is super easy to put together, has a massaging lumbar support, features great head support, and the foam inside the chair stays in shape and does not crush or get misshapen even if a heavier person sits on it. Besides, the footrest was a hit among other users. It’s a great chair that you will love!

DXRACER Formula Series 

DXRacer Formula Series Red

​Next up comes the super cool looking DXRACER Formula Series chair. I have to admit this one does not look as cool as the others, but it is a high-quality chair. The material of this chair is soft fabric instead of the PU leather stuff we’ve seen with the last two chairs.

I also noted that there are not as many color selections for this particular chair as I have seen with some of the others. So, if color choice is a big deal for you, maybe take a look at some of our other options.

But don’t write off this great chair just yet! I promise reading ​my review will be worth it. After all, these are the exact chairs that real esports champions use. Look up teams like Dignitas, Fnatic, and compLexity to see for yourself! Events like WMG and WCG even use these chairs to keep their players comfortable and performing their absolute best.

After all, these chairs are kind of a big deal, what with their high-density cold-cure foam. This stuff is great for sitting on for extended play sessions when you simply can’t afford to get up and rub a sore back or bum. The armrests are very comfortable and a real pleasure to rest on while you wait for a load screen to complete or a lobby to fill up with players.

The frame is made of tubular steel, and we always love seeing that magic word steel-it means the chair is nice and sturdy and can hold people with ease and comfort. Also, you should take note of the high backrest too. You will be able to rest your neck and lean back for a bit to avoid getting a sore or stiff neck. The seat may also be lowered in varying degrees so that it is easier to take quick naps if necessary while sitting at the desk (hey, we’ve all done it, I once fell asleep waiting for a dungeon to proc while I was playing World of Warcraft).

Next, I would like to talk about the weight limit of this chair. The chair advertises a limit of about 200 lbs. This is a bit disappointing as some of the other, less expensive chairs could hold people up to 300 lbs.

One user stated he was 5’7” and slim, and the chair fits him just fine. However, this may not be the case for some heavier-set people. Be sure you take a look at this chair closely to see if it will fit you. Unfortunately, I do not think this is good for those above 180 lbs., according to some of the user reviews out there.

So, at this point, you’re probably wondering why I even decided to talk about this chair, as I have been sort of floundering back and forth on it. Truthfully, it’s not bad! Really! I think it is a bit lacking in terms of color selection and I do not like that it will not support a heavier weight.

But then again, the chair has plenty of good points about it and lots of users who rated it favorably. Provided this chair will fit you, I would say go for it. It is pricey but is less expensive than other professional-grade chairs. It is available right there on Amazon and even has free shipping-you’re not going to find this in stores.

And not only is there great lumbar support, but there is also a head cushion plus a cool mouse pad included as well. The fabric on this seat is also a nice change of pace; it is so soft it reminds me of riding in my grandma’s old Chevy Lumina (the seats in there basically felt like velvet and I still miss it!)

Anda Seat Dark Knight Gaming Chair 

Anda Seat Dark Knight Gaming Chair

​With a name like Dark Knight, we get the feeling you would feel like Batman, or at least as luxurious as Bruce Wayne must feel, being a billionaire and all. Anyways, this chair has all the right stuff. It comes in black, but you can also get a nice, deep red if you prefer.

This chair is ergonomically designed and will make you feel like you are sitting on a cloud. I especially liked the really large foam pillow that came with the chair, and even the armrests are padded! It is a real pleasure to rest your arms on them as you wait around for something to happen.

It’s great for when you are farming stuff or grinding and more or less go through the same motions over and over again, such as when we play World of Warcraft and run the same dungeons looking for drops.

Anyway, there is also a detachable headrest at the top, and the lumbar cushions make it so pleasant and wonderful to just sit and enjoy yourself for a few hours without the worry of hurting yourself. If you are worried about posture, this will help you avoid “computer hunch” by supporting all areas of your neck and spine.

Every single part of this great chair can be adjusted. You can make it fit your body and height with relative ease. You can make the chair higher or lower, adjust the tilt of the backrest, and also increase or decrease your back pressure if needed. The armrests go up and down like it’s nothing. You can also turn them back and forth, right and left, and slightly right and left. It’s easy to control and everybody can learn how to do it.

Now, this chair has what we are looking for in terms of weight limits. I like things that are inclusive to everybody and this chair delivers. It supports weights up to 400 lbs. One user who gave his measurements online, stating he was a big guy weighing in at 315 lbs and measuring 6’2” said that the chair was better than the last three he had owned.

The frame is made of metal, which is always what I like to hear, and the gas spring is explosion-proof and will make it easy for this thing to go up and down. The casters roll ever so smoothly, and the chair is very stable. Those quick turns you sometimes have to make while gaming won’t be a big deal at all for users of this gaming chair.

Indeed, if you are a person of size whether that means big, tall or a combo of both, this chair is nice and big. It is sized generously and the dimensions, LxWxH, are 28" x 26"x 52.56"- 54.8". It is plainly colored, so if you work out of the home, this looks like a professional boss chair but is also a gamer’s chair, too.

​The Anda Seat Dark Knight gaming chair the perfect combination of business and fun. And even though you will need to put this chair together once you get it, it’s very easy to do so. You can just follow the easy video on YouTube that has been recently updated and see for yourself how to do it.

There is also a 6-year warranty on all of the parts, so if any dissatisfaction arises, just give them a call and they will resolve it for you! Installation takes only about 30 minutes and it is very easy to do. The frame itself even comes with a lifetime warranty!

The material of this chair is nice PVC leather. It will not fade easily, and it is very easy for you to clean up if a spill happens.

DXRACER King Series 

DXRacer King Series Review

Well, we have finally arrived. Finally arrived at the greatest of them all. Or is it? That’s for you to decide - but ​I can honestly say ​I saved the best for last. This chair comes in all kinds of great color options. You can pick whichever one matches your setup or personality the best. Personally, I like the blue/black combination!

This chair features a nice, extra-large wide design. The backrest is high and also straight for the very best in head support. The back is very flexible and easy for you to adjust. The base swivels around 360 degrees and the wheels are generously sized at 3” for the best in rolling around your gaming room or office. 

One thing I want to point out is the lifetime warranty on the frame of the chair. That’s how DXRACER stands behinds its products - and you can also take comfort in the 24 - month warranty on parts. I don’t think you will need it, but it’s good to know it’s there. 

The base of the chair is made of aluminum and you can rest your feet on the wide star bases for added comfort. The chair itself passes a 72-point quality control test before it is packed up and sent to the consumer. 

The chair is also great for adjusting just how you want it. You can adjust the arms very easily, and you can also get the chair to rock if you want. The entire chair itself is a brand-new design and features padded armrests which are a real joy to rest upon when you need a break. 

It is just perfect for those gamers who play professionally, stream, or just enjoy playing long sessions with friends. It’s designed for you to be seated in it for 8 hours or more. The chair was designed to enhance your gaming experience, and we believe it really does all that and more. 

Not only are your sessions that much more comfortable, but they are also healthier for you, too. The high backrest will support the entire spine. Your pelvis and neck will not be sore once you get up or end your session, and you will not be fidgeting or wiggling in your seat, either. The gas spring of the chair is easy to adjust so that you get just the height you need. 

This chair supports people weighing up to 300 lbs., although the recommended weight is 275 or lower. The chair is made of PU leather which we love because it is very easy to clean up using just a mild cleaner and a soft cloth. 

This is truly the chair to get if you have the money to do so. I did have the chance to test out this chair and I was sold right away. The chair is nice and heavy, weighing in at about 65 lbs. The chair is very nice and easy to put together and didn’t take me long at all-about 30 minutes (and it is worth noting I did not feel well the day I put this together). 

I just really loved how comfortable it was and I sat down to play a few rounds of CS: GO with my friends to put it to the test. Well, a few rounds turned into three hours and I felt like I was on top of the world. I did pretty well that day, too-was it due to the chair? 

Well, we will have to find out. Oh, and I was able to clear a tough stage somebody built on Mega Man Maker. Yeah, I am beginning to think that this chair might just have some magic inside it.

I’m a Grown-Up Gamer, What Do I Shop For?

When you first started getting into games you were likely a kid, like me! Those days of playing N64 sitting cross-legged on the floor and then playing Unreal Tournament on PC using an old kitchen chair were fine years ago - but I was a teen back in those days, and my body was much more flexible than it is now! 

After a long day of work, I like to sit in a chair that conforms to MY body and suits me. Adults need a much different gaming chair than children or teens do, and in this portion, we are going to talk about some factors to consider when shopping around. 

Thankfully, gaming chairs are by nature ergonomic-that is, designed with the human shape in mind. Good manufacturers know you’re going to be sitting for a while, and so they make them as such. However, one size does not fit all. Consider the following as you shop:

​Your Size

​The average size of adult females and males are used when chair manufacturers go to work, just as clothing manufacturers do when creating garments of different sizes. However, we are not all one uniform size-therefore the chair will nearly always have to be modified in some way for max comfort. If you are a very tall person, you will need a deep seat so that your legs are supported comfortably. If you are a heavier-set person, look for a large seat as designed for big and tall users. For short people, a narrow seat will be more comfortable and get you into a better position as you play. In sum, you must look carefully at your unique qualities and figure out what will make you feel most comfortable.

​Pains/Medical Conditions

​As a kid I did not have a sore back from the gym and working all day, because I didn’t do either of those things! Nowadays, we adults are working like crazy and sometimes get sore because of it. Even office jobs can have us feeling stiff from stress or being in one position all day. Thus, it is your job to make sure your gaming station is set up just as you like it including your chair choice. Some examples: If you have a herniated disc in your back, good lumbar support is going to be critical in your chair. If you have tendonitis in your upper arms, a chair that has armrests can provide the support you need to keep playing. Think about what conditions you have, if any, and shop accordingly.


​Make sure your chair can be adjusted if necessary. Make sure the seat height, depth, and angle can be modified so people of all sizes can be comfortable. Make sure the backrest can be modified as such so your lumbar is supported. Be sure the armrests can be adjusted so that your shoulders aren’t strained or in pain. Finally, make sure the armrests can be moved or even taken out altogether so you can sit closer to your desk if needed.


This is obviously NOT the technical term for this, but you want to make sure your chair can move with you as necessary. Sometimes when gaming I swivel sharply to see my second monitor, or if a buddy calls for help, I tend to make a quick movement, such as when we are all playing Overwatch and I am playing a supporting character. (Also, my cat tends to do stuff that has me doing 180 degree turns fast, but that’s another story). Can the chair handle it? Games require us to have fast reflexes and quick thinking, and if the chair just can’t move with you, your abilities are likely going to be impaired. Get the chair, sit in it, and test it out. If it’s not spinning how you like, try another option. 

​Final Thoughts on the Best Gaming Chairs for Adults

​All in all, it’s going to be up to you to find the best chair. It’s like shoes, a car, a jacket - one size does not fit all.
Take into account your body type, your needs for comfort, and what you like in a chair.​

I hope my list of best gaming chairs for adults helps you do make a better decision towards buying the perfect chair for you and your needs. Personally, I'm ​sitting on a a DXRacer King at the moment and couldn't be happier with it!

Happy gaming!

​If you liked this article about the best gaming chairs for adults, ​or if you have any questions, leave me a comment below and I'll get back to you as ​soon as possible.

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