DXRACER King Series Review- The Best in The League!

By Tino

Sep 24

​​Having a comfortable gaming chair is necessary for those super long gaming sessions. To an extent, it is also important for your performance as well, especially if you are playing professionally or trying to establish yourself as a streamer. If that is your goal, you have to read my review of the DXRACER King Series gaming chairs!

DXRacer King Series Review

​A great gaming chair will make sure that your back is supported well, your butt doesn’t get sore, and your head is comfortably supported. A great chair will also allow you to adjust it so it can fit YOUR individual body type. It should also allow you fast movement, as gamers have to have quick reflexes. These seats are NOT like ordinary office chairs, and you should take great care in shopping around for a good one.

You are welcome to do your own shopping, but we have found a great chair that is pretty nice for most gamers. Come with us as we take a look in-depth at this great chair!

​Key Features

  • ​Adjustable Backseat and Armrests (4d)
  • ​Carbon Look Vinyl, PU (Faux-leather) Cover
  • ​Lumbar Cushion and Headrest Pillow included
  • ​High-density Foam pPadding
  • Reclines from 90 to 135 degrees
  • ​Recommended Maximum Weight of 2​75 lbs 
  • ​Recommended Maximum Height of 6 ft 2 in (high back chair)
  • ​Lifetime Warranty on the Strong Aluminum Frame
  • ​2 Years Warranty on all other chair parts

Let’s Describe This Chair ​​​​​

​One glance at this chair and you will probably start drooling. This looks a lot like race car’s cool bucket seats, just as the name implies. This particular chair features a great XL design and is a bit wider to fit more people of varying heights and weights.

It comes in a few different color schemes that match well with your gaming setup or suit your personality. I think the red is the coolest of them all, but perhaps you will like the clean look of the black and white or the slick, all-black chair which is great if you work out of the home-it looks very professional.

The back is very comforting and supportive of your spine and back as a whole. It is nice and firm without being too uncomfortable, and you can adjust it to suit yourself. The arms are 4D and turn up to 90 degrees.

DXRacer King Series Reclined

​You can also get the chair to rock, which is a nice way to relax. The base is made of strong and sturdy aluminum, and you won’t worry about it cracking or otherwise breaking like some cheaper chairs.

The caster wheels are a generous 3-inch size, and they roll around smoothly with no trouble at all. If you are on thicker carpet, you will still need a chair pad.

Is This Chair Good Quality? What’s It Made Of?

​The short answer is YES, this chair is top quality and made of great materials designed to last you a long time and be easy to clean up. The PU or polyurethane leather is sharp looking and feels good when you sit on it. There is even some breathable mesh included because things get heated!

I really liked how easy it was to clean this whenever I got some crumbs or a spill on it. All you need is a soft cloth and a bit of leather cleaner. Most of the time I just use a bit of water to keep it clean.

The base is made of very tough aluminum and even features material wide enough to rest your feet on it. Aluminum can be engineered to be even stronger than steel, and it shows in this chair. You can roll around and move in this without worrying that you’re damaging it or putting unnecessary wear and tear on the chair.

This is a good, heavy chair that is made of materials designed to last you a good, long time.

Definitely check out the video below to ​get a quick overview of its coolest features and colors:

Do I Get A Warranty?

​Yes, there is a warranty included on this chair. And, the customer service is totally worth it. You get a lifetime warranty on the inside frame and a 24-month warranty on all the parts. DXRacer is good at responding to customer queries.

If a replacement part is necessary, getting one will not be too much of an issue at all. Ultimately, they want you to be happy with your purchase and for the investment, you are making on this chair, you deserve the best, which they certainly provide.

How Easy/Difficult It Is to Assemble the Chairs? What Are the Instructions Like?

​Putting the chair together is not difficult at all. I was able to assemble the test chair in about half an hour, and I was also feeling a bit sluggish that day. I think it could have easily gone a lot faster.

The process went like this: Carefully using a box cutter, I opened up the box. I took it nice and slow because I did not want to damage the cushions inside. Once that was done, I took all the parts out of the box and laid them out. I undid the screws from the back of the chair.

Then I put together the backrest and the seat. I then took screws out of the bottom of the seat and attached the bottom part-the undercarriage-to the seat bottom. After that, it was time to put the base together. I clicked the wheels into place, that was pretty easy. Then, I installed the gas cylinder and put the seat on.

Afterward, I took a rest. I got the chair to rock back and forth a bit, then played some CS: GO with my friends for a few hours. Felt great!

What Sort of Gamer Can Benefit from This Chair?

​All gamers can benefit, I think. This is a chair that I love because it is inclusive to gamers of all sizes (mostly). If you are a very small person-for instance, I know one woman who is a very petite lady, measuring up at about 4’10”-this chair may be just too darn big, and you would want something a little different.

But for most adults, and those of us that fall into the big and tall category, I think this is just what the doctor ordered.

Users who are taller than 6 feet often describe how nice the chair felt. It can be hard for tall guys and gals to find chairs that work, and this one does a good job. Also, the weight limit on this is 400lbs. This means that lots of us that are heavier can comfortably sit and enjoy games as they were meant to be enjoyed without the arms pinching our sides.

DXRacer King Series Details

​Gamers who are streamers, professionals or just hugely into those good, long sessions with friends will love this chair. It’s also great for workers too-if you spend the majority of your day at the desk working, this will give you support and comfort as you focus on your tasks.

The chair is comfortable enough that even if you are not seated at a desk-say you and your friends want to do some console gaming-you could sit in this and play if you lack space on the couch.

Talking About the Pros and Cons

​Truth be told, I have mostly great things to say about this chair. But, it’s always good to approach the good and the bad equally.

After all, despite me finding this thing to be the most comfortable chair I’ve tested in a while, one size does not fit all. You might read this and discover this isn’t for you at all.

So, let’s dive in:


  • This model is designed to be big and wide. It will fit plenty of people. 
  • It comes in five different color schemes. 
  • The back and arms are adjustable. 
  • The chair features a rocking feature. 
  • The chair is specifically designed to seat you comfortably for 8 hours or more. 
  • The hydraulics on the chair are tested to meet or exceed durability standards.
  • The chair passes a 72-point inspection before being sent to the consumer. 


  • Smaller size individuals may find the chair to be a bit too big. 
  • The price point is high and may require you to save up some money first

​​My Final Thoughts on the ​DXRacer King Series Gaming Chair

Let’s wrap this up with my final thoughts and opinions. I think this chair is totally worth it. The material of which it is constructed is comfortable and feels great. I was wearing shorts the day I tested it and we all know that legs stick to chairs when you have shorts. Thankfully, mine did not stick!

Also, the foam on this is just perfect. It’s not too cushy and not so firm you feel like you’re on a park bench. I also liked the included headrest and lumbar support, which is important if you have back issues. 

The only thing that made me question the chair a bit was the price point. If you are into gaming like I am, a top-quality chair means the world because you can focus and do your absolute best. 

But for some gamers, this price may be just too much. That being said, you can always save up some money and pick it up. The chair will last you for years to come and hold up to all your wear and tear. 

Click here if you are ready to see this chair for yourself! Happy gaming!

​If you liked this review or have any questions about the DXRacer King Series chairs, I'd like to invite you leaving me a comment below. I will get back to you and we can ​talk about this amazing chair. Or do you think that it is too expensive?
Let's discuss!

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