Anda Seat Dark Knight Gaming Chair Review – Play Like A King

By Tino

Sep 19

​When you take one look at ​the Anda Seat Dark Knight Gaming Chair, many thoughts come flooding to your head: you suddenly see yourself as a mix of an elite gamer, a top-tier businessperson, or even Bruce Wayne himself.
It is, after all, called the Dark Knight chair.

Yeah, this one’s pretty badass. But, is it really worth its salt?
​I took an honest look at this chair, combining personal experience, customer reviews and general knowledge of gaming chairs as a whole, to give you ​my honest ​opinion of this cool, comfortable ​but expensive gaming chair. 

Stay with ​me and check it out!

Anda Seat Dark Knight Gaming Chair

​Key Features

  • ​Adjustable backseat and armrests (4d)
  • ​PVC (Leatherette) cover
  • ​High-density foam padding
  • ​Lumbar cushion and headrest pillow included
  • ​Reclines from 90 to 160 degrees
  • ​Recommended maximum weight of 250 lbs
  • ​Recommended maximum height of 6 ft 7 in (high back chair)
  • ​Strong aluminum frame with lifetime warranty
  • ​6 years warranty on all other parts

Let’s Describe Th​e Anda Seat Dark Knight Gaming Chair

​As I said, I think the best way to describe this is “badass”. You notice quickly it only comes in the slick color of black like other awesome stuff in this world. Think about it, executives and world leaders always travel in black SUVs and black sedans. Black tie affairs. Black diamonds. Et cetera. 

The chair height can be adjusted from about 52 inches to 56 inches. ​It is covered in comfortable PVC leatherette, which is soft to the touch but also very easy to clean up using a soft cloth and some water. ​

 The armrests are adjustable in 4 directions so you can put your arms where it is most comfortable for you. If you are a streamer or work out of the home or do video editing, writing, manage data, etc. this is ​great because you can work in a way that enhances your productivity (which tends to happen when we are comfortable!)

The base of the chair is made out of sturdy black aluminum. Aluminum​ can be engineered to be stronger than steel. Did you know that even armored cars and the US Military make use of aluminum for its Bradley Fighting Vehicles? This chair can really hold up to the wear and tear that comes with sitting in it for hours on end. 

The casters are also pretty solid. They measure in at 3 inches in height, so they are not small or unable to hold up as you scoot across the floor. This chair can still roll pretty good on thinner carpet, but ​if you have thicker carpet, I still recommend a chair pad. 

Anda Seat Dark Knight Details

Lastly, I would like to mention that there is a lumbar cushion as well as a headrest cushion included with this chair. The lumbar cushion is perfect if you are a person with back issues who has to make sure their lumbar is supported. 

Even if you do not suffer from back pain, you should understand the importance of taking care of your spine. I’m no doctor, but some quick​​ research ​​​shows that sitting for a long period of time can place a huge amount of pressure on the back muscles as well as the spinal discs. 

I do not have any back problems, thankfully, but I do enjoy playing long sessions of CS: GO, Rainbow Six Siege and other online games with friends for extended periods of time. I know th​e Anda Seat Dark Knight Gaming Chair will be comfortable as I played about three hours worthwhile testing out this chair and found it to be like sitting on a cloud - one that is not so firm it feels like a rock but not so soft you feel like you’re in a beanbag chair.

Honest Pros and Cons

​So, I think ​the Anda Seat Dark Knight Gaming Chair is pretty great, but it’s important to be honest about this stuff. So, let’s go over some honest pros and cons.


  • The back is adjustable to 160 degrees.
  • Fits gamers perfectly to the height of 6’7”.
  • ​Super comfortable for those long gaming hours.
  • The sturdy frame has a lifetime warranty and the parts a 6-year warranty.
  • The chair weighs 72 lbs. It is easy to roll around but heavy to sit in.
  • The PVC is easy to clean up should a spill or other accident happen.


  • The chair is ​pricey.​ 
  • ​It only supports up to 250 lbs. Bigger gamers may find this to be too small for them, or the arms may pinch the sides of some people.
  • ​It only comes in black (but it looks really cool).

​In summary? This is a ​really great chair for gamers that don't weigh more than 250 lbs and are happy to invest in a professional chair that will last for many years to come.

The Quality and Materials of This Chair

​This chair is made of only the good stuff. The material of the chair is black PVC, which feels good on the skin and is great for those of you who cannot use leather whether it is for ethical reasons or because it irritates the skin.

It is easy to clean this up, also. I can’t tell you how many times I have been drinking water or soda and some accidentally spills on my chair. Instead of a sticky mess, I can just use a soft cloth with some water and then dry it with a separate cloth. It’s easy!

The aluminum base is something I have talked about before, but it’s just great. We know how strong aluminum can be and how beneficial it is when used in the construction of everything from military vehicles to these gaming chairs, and this is no exception. I love how strong it feels and how slick it looks, too. I can also prop my feet on the base and not worry about putting too much weight on it.

Anda Seat Dark Knight Foam Padding

​Now onto how this chair feels. I LOVE it. This reminds me of getting into a luxury car for the first time. If you’ve never ridden in or driven a Mercedes, BMW or Land Rover (or other similar brands) and you’ve been driving good old daily-driver style cars your whole life and get into one of these for the first time, you know what I mean. The way it feels is like it was made JUST FOR YOU. You can feel the strength in the frame of the chair when you sit in it.

You can feel how nice the PVC feels on your skin, even wearing shorts won’t be uncomfortable (legs can sometimes stick to the chair). I am a guy who is 6’1” and I find this chair to be just perfect. The headrest feels great and relaxes me when I am seated there. You can also recline the chair back and nap if you want to-great for those of you looking to sneak in a nap but feeling too tired to move. (Hey, we’ve all been there!)

Warranty Offered

​The warranty is a great one. You get a lifetime warranty on the chair frame itself. You will get a six-year warranty on any parts as well. I think this is a great thing - after all, you are paying a pretty penny for this gaming chair and you deserve to be treated with respect as a consumer.

I got the chair and it arrived just fine for me, putting it together was no issue whatsoever. However, we noticed that there was a user on Amazon that unfortunately had not been given the correct pillow size once upon purchasing the chair. After a bit of back and forth, the customer did report that Anda gave him the correct pillow.

You essentially have nothing to worry about when you buy this chair - go for it and rest assured that in case something should happen, you will be just fine.

Assembling the ​Anda Seat Dark Knight Gaming Chair

​​Assembling this chair is not ​hard at all. It ​takes only about half an hour to put it all together. You can follow the instructions in this video or further down below:


Start by getting out all the parts and laying them on the floor. This way you can see everything very easily. You can also verify that all parts were included. Rarely, we find a part is missing, but it’s better to check first so that you don’t get halfway through it and feel disappointed later on.

Once you confirm all your parts are in place, you can move on. You will then connect the seat back to the base of the chair. Take out the screws and lift the seat back into the correct place.

Then use the screws you took out and put them in the bracket on the side of the chair back bracket and use the Allen wrench that is included to secure them. Put the covers on so your screws aren’t sticking out.

Then it will be time to put the casters on the base. This is really easy - just snap them in.

Now you can attach the seat mechanism to the base of the chair. This is what helps you go up and down in the chair. Get rid of the screws in place on the base of the chair. Make sure the arrow points to the front before you attach it.

Place the cover on the piston and then put the piston into the mechanism. Attach the chair to the base after this. Put the cushion in a place that works for you, adjust it to fit your height and comfort needs, and BOOM! Gaming will never feel so comfortable!

Who Would Benefit From Th​is Chair? Who ​Is It For?

​The people who would benefit from this chair are serious gamers who love playing for hours on end, as well as those of you who are streamers and are often sitting for a long period of time. If you work at a computer doing video editing, web developing or code - anything, really - this chair is also for you as it will help save your back in the long run.

This chair does really well for tall guys and gals, too. It will suit many of us, but those above 250 lbs. will have to seek out a different chair. You can find some alternatives a bit further down below.

This chair is also for those of you who want to buy a quality product without having to replace it constantly. It is a​n investment, but you will not be spending piles of cash year after year on chairs. With good care, this chair could last ten years, I presume. It just feels like top quality stuff and you will know when you try it!


​I know not everybody can afford this particular chair, so ​I want to quickly show you two alternatives. ​I made sure to look for chairs of comparable quality and favorable reviews from users. 

The Anda Seat Assassin King is also an option. It comes in about $100 cheaper than the Dark Knight model, but you still get that Anda quality you’ve been hearing so much about. The nice leatherette cover is still the chosen material, and it provides great support for your lumbar and also provides a headrest pillow. The chair comes with that great lifetime warranty on the frame, plus the six-year part warranty. 

The DXRacer OH/F11/N1 is ​another great ​chair. This one comes in at $300, which is still great quality but also a lower price point. Now this one is not so great for the big and tall gamers out there, as it suits people at 5’10” and under but it is still pretty comfortable. 
There is lumbar and head support. Lifetime warranty is offered on the frame, and there is a two-year parts warranty plus a one-year accessory warranty. This one certainly has lots of great features but only supports users up to 180 lbs.

Now, if you are looking for a chair that fits bigger users, take a look at ​Ficmax Gaming Chairs. They have them in all sizes and they are also of phenomenal quality. They can even give you a message should you ever need one! Awesome!

​​My Final Thoughts on th​e Anda Seat Dark Knight Gaming Chair

​​T​he Anda Seat Dark Knight Gaming Chair is the way to go if you can swing it! This level of comfort is unheard of but will be just what a professional gamer or streamer needs when it gets down to crunch time and do well with your crew.

This chair will make sure your whole body feels comfortable and happy for those extra-long sessions. It’s an investment that will make you happy for years to come. You definitely should take a very close look at it here!
​Happy gaming!

​If you liked this review or already bought this chair, I would love hearing from you. Or do you think that a gaming chair should be cheaper? Let me know in the comments below and we can talk about it!

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