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By Tino

Jun 06

The Ficmax Gaming Chair is presently my top recommendation for casual and Pro Gaming use. ​​These ergonomic chairs with a race-inspired design not only provide some of the most comfortable sitting you will ever experience, they also have some additional tricks up their sleeves, gamers are sure to love.  These are features you will not see with any other Gaming Chairs currently on the market.

This chair is light years ahead of other gaming chairs in the "innovation-department"! The showstopper being that these Gaming Chairs have a built-in USB electric massager with a lumbar cushion and headrest pillow. Now that is some serious self-care and Relaxation with a capital R! ​

​The positive online reviews are testament to FicMax leading the pack at the moment in the World of Gaming Chairs. People who have bought the chair enjoy all the bells-and-whistles the Fixmax Chair provides. Here is a list highlighting some of these cutting-edge features:

​Key Features of the Ficmax Gaming Chair

  • ​High Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair
  • Metal Frame
  • ​Adjustable Headrest
  • check
    ​Adjustable Massage Cushion
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    ​High-Quality PU Leather
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    ​Wide and Thick Armrests
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    ​Adjustable Footrest
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    ​​Reclines 90 to 180 degrees
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    ​Multiple Colors Available
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    ​Great Service and Warranty

​​​​The Ficmax Gaming Chair: Ultimate Support and Relaxation

​​​Most casual gamers I know sit on a regular office chair while gaming. While this might be just fine for a couple hours, a mediocre chair will take its toll on you if you are putting in longer hours.

Here is where a real Gaming Chair is worth its weight-in-gold. Professional gamers or streamers know how important the right chair is. With the right chair, you can sit for hours on end without any aches or pains. This is where the Ficmax Gaming Chair really delivers and takes things to a whole new qualitative level because you can adjust all your supports. 

Not only will this prevent your aches and pains, but happy customers are reporting that it also provides a high level of support and relaxation. Part of this is due to all the adjustments that can be made, including the adjustable headrest, footrest,  even the massage cushion can be adjusted to fit you perfectly!

If your back starts to ache, you can take a moment to recline your chair up to 180 degrees.  Of course, you'll have to pause your game to do this but the point I'm making is you can practically lie down in this chair!  ​

Ficmax Gaming Chair example

Still need more from this chair? Ficmax provides the option to activate the massage cushion which literally rubs out all your sore parts, so you can be good and ready for another few hours of gaming in no time! ​

It isn't just the gamers singing the praise of the FicMax chair, those who are streaming themselves live in video are finding that it adds an extra dimension of professional appeal to their viewers.  The Ficmax chairs all have a high-end quality finish that viewers are noticing and commenting on.  Everyone seems to love the look and bold color and many both outside and inside the gaming circle are applauding the Ficmax chairs for rolling and moving silently on the ground, a HUGE benefit to online streamers.

Another noteworthy theme in customer feedback is that these chairs are being commended for their ease-of-assembly. ​A theme in customer feedback is that the Ficmax chair can be assembled easily by one person and is taking half the time as most other ergonomically designed chairs on the market.

How Does The Massage Cushion Work?

​​The major highlight of this chair is it's featured massage cushion. It is located at the lower back ​and its height can be adjusted to where you need it. The cushion is USB-powered and is described by both Ficmax and with customer feedback to deliver a high-quality massage.

If you haven't yet had the experience of receiving a massage mid- game, you have got to try it. ​Let's face it, your likely not going to be getting a massage on demand while you're online unless you have teleported yourself to some other heavenly dimension! Welcome to the future of Gaming Chairs!

Ficmax Gaming Chairs

Ficmax Gaming Chair

High-Quality Chair Build to Last

​The vote is in and customer feedback has spoken, which I, Tino, agree with - Ficmax chairs LOOK and FEEL fantastic. Plus, the PU leather is comfortable to sit on and reportedly super easy to clean!

​Inside, the chair has a sturdy metal frame that not only ensures your safety but also the long life of the chair itself.
With an integrated metal frame and heavy-duty base with castors, these chairs are extremely durable. So naturally, it would be expected that they are also quite heavy chairs, but that is not the case.  Another theme in customer feedback is the positive response that the Ficmax Gaming chairs are overall quite lightweight!  ​

Where Ficmax really shines above its competition is with its great Customer Care.  Ficmax promises that should anything happen to the chair within the first 30 days, you will get it replaced.​ (> ​here is the official link to claim this warranty at the purchase of a Ficmax Gaming Chair <

After this time, you still have a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 12-month warranty on other parts. It is a chair is built to last a lifetime and if you treat it reasonably, it will stay in tip-top condition to be enjoyed on a regular basis for many years.

Color Options of the Ficmax Gaming Chairs

​​I, Tino, am a big fan of classic black chairs but Ficmax offers a nice variety of colors for almost every taste!
Not only is there the smart looking black version, there is black and blue, black and white and another favorite of mine is a red and black one - a sleek design in my opinion!  

Most of these color combinations have additional variations with different pattern options so you'll likely have no trouble finding one that you like!

The Good and the Bad

​​Every great product has some things that can be reworked or tweaked. I am a huge fan of this chair but let's look at the Pros as well as a few costumer-reported Cons:


  • ​Ergonomic Design
  • ​Massage Cushion
  • thumbs-o-up
    ​Wide and Ergonomic Armrests
  • ​Very Strong Metal Frame
  • thumbs-o-up
    ​Backrest Adjustable From 90 - 180 Degree
  • thumbs-o-up
    ​360 Degree Swivel
  • thumbs-o-up
    ​Footrest For Maximum Comfort
  • thumbs-o-up
    ​Awesome Warranty


  • ​Not Really Suited For People Over 250 lb
  • ​Those over 6'2 felt it was more tailored to those 5'10-6'1
  • ​Arm rests are secured, therefore not adjustable

​Who Is This Chair For?

​​​The Ficmax Gaming Chair is designed and tailored for Gamers who will notice immediately the amount of time they can game online without the usual discomfort of regularly playing video and computer games for an extended amount of times. 

I would also recommend it to Casual Gamers. Many Gamers don't even know what a huge difference a chair can make. Gaming will feel completely different and you won't have to deal with back pain, caused by sitting too long​. ​

​Tino's Conclusion:

​​The Ficmax Gaming Chair is a perfect gift idea. With its principal features, providing ergonomic support, giving a massage, ability to lie down and rest mid Gaming-session, AND providing an adjustable footrest, who wouldn't want to be gifted this chair? Maybe you can be your own Santa this year, and treat yourself to an early Christmas present. My verdict is in folks, the Ficmax Gaming Chair​ really is that good!

​If you liked my ​Ficmax Gaming Chair review or want to share your own experiences, don't hesitate to leave me a comment below. I am looking forward to talking to you!

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