Amazonbasics Big & Tall Executive Chair – Feel Like The Boss

By Tino

Jun 22

​The Amazonbasics Big & Tall Executive Chair is an ergonomic chair that will make you feel like you really are the boss. Whether you need an awesome chair for your home office or at work, this is the perfect chair that won't strain your wallet too much. Read on to find out why this executive chair is ​​the best of its kind.

​Key Features

  • ​High Back Executive Chair
  • ​Ergonomic Design Especially for Big and Tall People
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    Bonded Leather
  • ​Fully Adjustable
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    ​Infinite Locking Adjustment of the Back
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    ​Pneumatic Height Adjustment
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    360 Degree Swivel
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    Measures 27.25 by 29.5 by 47 inches overall (WxDxH)
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    1 Year Limited Warranty

​Don't Only Be The Boss - Feel Like It!

​Being a boss or manager is great. It gives extreme satisfaction but also many responsibilities. You will work usually much more and much harder than ever before. If you are doing this while sitting in a cheap regular office chair, you might start feeling stressed out and unhappy without even knowing why.
Additionally, your back might start hurting because you are working longer hours now.

That's why I highly recommend getting a real executive chair. Get rid of your old office chair you were already sitting on when you started your job many years ago. Throw it out now!

It's time to get an Executive Chair from Amazonbasics. Once you have sat on it, you won't be able to understand how you were able to survive without it.

​Adjust The Chair To Your Requirements

​One thing that really impressed me about the Amazonbasics Big and Tall Executive Chair is that you can adjust it completely. You can lock the back in any angle you want. Many other chairs don't allow that. You can either lock ​those at 90 degrees or when fully declined.

This ergonomic executive chair also has an adjustable lumbar mechanism. It's ​great for supporting your lower back in the most efficient way. Just turn the small knob at the side of the chair until it fits perfectly.

Of course, you can adjust the height of the chair, too. This is done ​with a standard lever.

Amazonbasics Big And Tall Executive Chair

Amazonbasics Big And Tall Executive Chair

​Upholstered Bonded Leather For Highest Comfort

​There are people who prefer real leather but bonded leather has many advantages. It is cheaper but highly resistant to scratches. It is also super easy to clean and will last for ages.

​This upholstered chair supports your back in those long lasting hours ​at the office and it is super comfy. The bonded leather is very soft and feels cool to the touch. But not in a way that it would be uncomfortable. It gives the chair a very exclusive and luxury feel.

​Who Is This Chair For?

​Whether you are a manager or boss in your company or have a home office, the Amazonbasics Big & Tall Executive Chair is a great choice for you. At usually below $200 USD, it has a very fair price. I would go so far that it is the king of executive chairs in this price range.

Definitely get this chair when you are sitting at a desk for an extended amount of time every day.
You could also use it for gaming, but I would ​rather go for the Ficmax Gaming Chair then. It is in the same price range but specially designed for gamers.

Amazonbasics Big And Tall Executive Chair Front

Amazonbasics Big And Tall Executive Chair

​Pros And Cons

​Let's take a look at the pros and ​cons of the Amazonbasics Big & Tall Executive Chair now. The following list should convince you that this is the right chair for you.


  • ​High Back
  • ​Ergonomic Chair
  • ​Classy Look
  • thumbs-o-up
    ​Freely Adjustable
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    Affordable Price
  • thumbs-o-up
    Build For Big & Tall People (350lb)


  • ​Not Real Leather

​Great Executive Chair At This Price

​In my review above, I have shown you why the Amazonbasics Big & Tall Executive Chair is the king of its kind. At below $200 USD, it is very affordable but super comfy. You will feel like a boss with this chair. And that's the point of owning such a chair, isn't it?

​I hope you enjoyed my review and could build your own opinion about this chair. I would love hearing your thoughts about it. Feel free to leave me a comment below. I will get back to you shortly.

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