DXRacer Formula Series Chair – Feels Like Heaven

By Tino

Jun 14

Thinking about getting a DXRacer Formula Series Chair? If so I'm hoping this review will give you a few more insights towards finalizing your decision on whether or not this is a chair you will love. You will read and see what makes this chair special and stand out. Spoiler warning: It is awesome!

DXRacer Formua Series Chair

One Racing Chair To Rule Them All

All DXRacer Chairs have a great reputation amongst the gaming community, and the Formula Series Chair is no exception. In fact, it is a fan favorite. 

This DXRacer Formula Series Chair is often featured at Gaming conventions but it's not only great for gamers or streamers!
Actually, DXRacer uses inclusive based slogans to appeal to everyone. A few of these sayings include, "from the Game room to the Boardroom" and "DXRacer enjoyed at every age, at every stage"

There really is a DXRacer Chair for everybody! If you know anything about the DXRacer Chair series, you will know that there is an abundance of models to choose from.

In this review, we are focusing on a fan favorite, the Formula Series Chair model DOH/FD01/N to be exact. But you should know that there are 12 different DX series chairs. Half of these are office chairs, the other half gaming chairs. However, those are just recommendations from the manufacturer. It is up to you which chair you choose eventually!

Key Features of the DOH/FD01/N  model

  • ​Ergonomic Design With High Back
  • check
    Race Car Seat
  • check
    Headrest and Lumbar Cushion Included
  • check
    Extremely Comfortable
  • ​Adjustable Seat Height
  • check
    Adjustable Soft Armrests
  • check
    90 - 135 Degree Backward Movement
  • Extra High Backrest to Protect your Neck even if you are taller
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    Suitable For Bigger People

​Genius Design ​​For Your Gaming Comfort

​When I saw the DXRacer for the first time, I was not too impressed, to be honest. It didn't really look that special and I couldn't understand what all this hype was about. But when I sat down it all suddenly changed!

The extra high backrest gave me an immediate feeling of comfort and safety. I am rather tall with 6'1" and I appreciate the extra height of this chair. Additionally to that, the whole chair feels extremely stable (no matter in which position you put the back of the chair) and comforting.

The lumbar cushion is great if you are suffering from lower back pain and the headrest cushion makes it the perfect gaming chair for me. For further information, please check out the video below:

​Who Is This Chair For?

​The DXRacher Formula Series Chair is for everyone who wants a high-quality chair and understands that it is well worth the price. With around $290 USD it is located in the midsegment of gaming chairs. There are cheaper chairs like the Ficmax Gaming Chair but you ​would most likely notice a difference if you ​were trying both.

If you are regularly playing video games for an extended amount of time, you should get this chair right now. You won't even feel the hours you are spending sitting on it. (Maybe you should set an alarm or you will never get up in time again.) As someone who plays video games for multiple hours a day, I absolutely love this chair and I am sure that you will, too!

​Choose Your Color And Start Gaming

​There are a few different color options availabe. At the top of this page you see the black version without any cushions (2x cusions are always included, however). Besides that there are blue, red, white variations available of the DXRacer Formula Series Chair.

DXRacer Formula Series Red

DXRacer Formula Series Red

​A Look At The Pros And Cons

​I am having a really hard time to find any real problems with this chair. Some might say that the price is high but you get awesome quality for it. And there are gaming chairs that are more expensive.

Please take a look at my quick comparison of the pros and cons.


  • ​Extra High Back
  • ​Professional Race Chair
  • ​Perfect for long Gaming Hours
  • thumbs-o-up
    Ergonomic Design
  • thumbs-o-up
    2x Cushions for Additional Comfort


  • ​Not the cheapest

One Of The Best Gaming Chairs Ever

​This is hands down one of the best chairs you can get if you are a gamer. It is suitable for work as well, of course. You just have to try it yourself you know what it's like to own a professional chair. If you are looking for a new ergonomic gaming chair, you just have to get this one.

​After reading my DXRacer Gaming Chair review, how do you feel about it? Do you agree with me that it is an unbelievabl​e comfortable chair? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to read your feedback on this.

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